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Rental conditions

Rental terms

1. Reservation for hire of forklifts from ZOTIRENTAL PARK

Reservation can be made:

- Up to 6 weeks before the start of the rental period - must be submitted:

- Reservation deposit - 250 euro, which is part of the future rent

- a copy of the driver's license

- a copy of an ID card or an international passport / for non-EU countries with a term of validity of not less than 6 months from the scheduled return /

2.Payment deposit

Upon rental of the cash register, a deposit of  euro 750 is deposited. It is refunded in full on return when:

(A) there is no damage to the camper and the equipment inside it.

(B) the camper is released at the specified time and place, clean and refueled, with cleaned toilet, available keys, without any shortages in kitchen and hotel furnishings, reflected in a bilateral protocol (inventory), charged bottles of propane butane.

3. Payments

ZOTI Ltd. accepts the following forms of payment:

1. By bank transfer for the reservation deposit of 250 euro.

2. At the company's cash desk the remaining part of the rent.

4. Drivers

They must be aged 23-70 and have a driving license of at least 2 years. The latter should not have ongoing violations.

Any driver who is subject to medical or legal restrictions on driving must inform "ZOTI" Ltd. in advance. The driver's license and the coupon are submitted for verification when the documents are being processed.

The price includes only one driver. Every additional driver is charged once with 40 euro.

5. Pets

Pet dogs are not allowed. Only dogs - drivers for which an additional fee of  50 euro is payable, are allowed.

6. Availability

A. "ZOTI" Ltd. will do its best to provide you a camper that you have booked at the agreed time. If for any reason / crash, theft or otherwise / is unavailable, we will endeavor to provide you with another vehicle with the same or similar equipment at no extra cost. If this can not be done, „ZOTI” LTD will Refund the amount deposited so far.

7. Rental period

Renting of the motorcycle is done every day from 08:00 to 24:00 hrs from the base in Varna. The caravan will be released not later than 18:00 on the agreed day at the base in Varna. IMPORTANT: The Camper is accepted and delivered to our CAMPERPARK in Varna without exception. For renting or releasing a camper:

- On an additional day, an additional fee of  20 euro is charged

- national holiday – 30 euro

IMPORTANT! No money is returned for early release of the motorcycle. If you take the caravan later than the agreed time, you will not be entitled to a return later unless otherwise agreed in writing signed by both parties

8. Sanctions

1. For the delayed days of return of the motor-carriage under the contract, the following shall be paid:

A / daily fee, according to the price list,

B / 20 euro penalty for any delayed day / unless expressly authorized by ZOTI Ltd.

2. A fee is additionally paid for:

A / uncleaned toilet cartridge -  25 eupo

B / unfinished outdoor camper -20 euro

C) Uncleaned waste water tank – 10 euro

(D) in the case of an incomplete fuel tank shall be paid after its completion

9. Rental

We offer you as included in the rent:

- Full insurance of the car (Damage to the roof structure of the caravan due to non-compliance with maximum height limitations is fully paid by the renter, in which case the insurance against all risks is not covered.) - Civil liability insurance

- Green Card

- Transfer from airport Varna to ZOTIRENTAL Motorway Park

- Dining table, large umbrella and chairs and dining table for 4/6 people.

-Dinner chairs by age

- Snow chains

- Full tank of diesel fuel

- Full tank with clean water

- Cleaned toilet cartridge

- Chemical toilet preparation

- Complete set of bed linen (sheets, duvets and pillows), bath towels (double for more than 7 days), cooking utensils for six people.

- Two bottles of propane butane

- Baldkook and a charcoal package

- Notarized power of attorney for driving the car in Bulgarian and English

- For arrivals after 6 pm we offer a dry dinner

- No mileage limitations both in Bulgaria and in the EU

If it is necessary to stay in a hotel, upon arrival or before departure, it is paid by the tourists.


          1. For all young families up to 35 years old without or with children a 10% reduction of the rent is deducted

        2. The water in the tank is not washable. It is for washing and bathing.

        3, The trailer does not smoke!

10. Insurance

A. "ZOTI" Ltd. provides Civil liability insurance and full Casco. Personal ownership is not covered by insurance if left unattended.

B. We recommend the LESSEE for his road safety and peace of mind during the leave to take out the following insurances

- all risks insurance

- cancellation insurance policy

- medic

11. Faults, Damage, Accidents and Repairs

Should any faults or failures occur in the camper after the start of the lease period, the LESSEE is obliged to inform ZOTI LTD immediately by phone.

A. The Lessee is responsible for all costs incurred as a result of a violation of the Road Traffic Act.

In the event of an accident, the LESSEE is obliged to notify the Traffic Police of the country where the road traffic accident and „ZOTI”  Ltd have occurred.

The LESSEE is obliged to request a document of the accident from the respective authorities. Otherwise, after the return, all repair costs are at his expense. He is obliged to regularly check the oil level in the engine, the tire pressure and the airbags.


C. All faults, breaks and repairs caused by negligence and misconduct on behalf of the RENTER are at his expense.

S. RENTER will not get another vehicle if he used the caravan in bad faith or the damage was caused by negligence.

The driver is fully responsible for the damage caused by alcohol, despite the fact that there is a document for an ADR issued by the relevant authorities.

D. In the case of damage, breakage or accident caused by negligence or negligence on the part of a Third Party (proven by a Traffic Police protocol) and not by the LESSEE, which prevents him from using the caravan fully, immediate notification of the ZOTE duty service Ltd and taking the following actions on behalf of the TENANT:

- repair at the nearest FIAT service center specified in the service book of the camper in the document folder.

- use of Road Assistance

Provided the LESSOR can not provide another camper by the end of the lease period, he will refund to the LESSOR only the sum equal to the unused days. This will happen once ZOTI LTD has received the insurance for this accident.

E. All amounts as per the previous item, paid by the LESSEE (original invoices) shall be refunded by the LESSOR upon their presentation to ZOTI LTD upon return.

For repair, replacement, burst, or explosion of a tire, costs are not refunded.

F. ZOTI Ltd. is not responsible for the consequences of non-compliance with the Law and the Road Traffic Law of the respective country.

G. ZOTI Ltd. shall not be liable in circumstances outside its control which cause changes in the route / natural disasters, military actions, mass protests, strikes, etc. / which hinder the conduct of the planned event.

12. Cancellation of reservations and penalties

A. Cancellation of booking by „ZOTI” Ltd.

ZOTI” Ltd ьreserves the right to cancel the reservation when:

- a driver's license or ID card has expired or expires during the voyage.

- no guarantee deposit has been provided

In case of failure to observe the terms for payment and submission of necessary documents by the lessee, as well as when submitting untrue or inaccurate documents.

In such cases, any amounts paid by the LESSEE are non-refundable.

C. Cancellation of the reservation by the Lessee

If the reservation is canceled, the LESSEE loses the reservation deposit

The refusal shall be made in person in writing.

In the event that the LESSEE terminates his / her own wishes, he / she shall not be entitled to claim reimbursement.


Compliance with the terms of this agreement guarantees an unforgettable vacation to you and your family. 

Advantiges of the Caravan

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