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About us

Freedom with ZOTI Ltd.

Leave the problems behind you. Travel not only in your dreams. Give your family or friends a lovely trip with a feeling of home. Discover lovely countrysides, new places and people. Sleep wherever you feel like stopping. Have breakfast where and when you want to get up. And be at home wherever you go.

Rent a ZOTI motorhome and give yourself a few days of real freedom.
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Experience pure life in a motorhome that's become a symbol of freedom.

Zoti Rental is a company for motorhome hire. We have a full understanding of our customer's requirements. Our fleet consists of vehicles which are products of Adria-Mobil – Slovenia. They took care of the exterior and interior design changes according to the latest caravan demand by enriching the programme with new models. Zoti Ltd. offer the variety of lifestyle available today. We do not offer caravans we give you new experience, new way of holiday. Whatever word you choose, you can be assured of the quality of the service.

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About us
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Coral А 660 SP
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Varna, 9027, 5 Murgash Str.
tel.: +359 899 941 319
E-mail: zotirental@abv.bg

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